Age: 3-5 Years Old

Category: Counting, Basic Math

What It Is: In this app, Elmo and Abby share their love of numbers with your child. Elmo has kids choose a number (1-20) from a colorful screen. Kids trace the numbers and then view them in a Sesame Street video clip. (You remember those fun number scenes on Sesame Street from when you were a kid, right?) Abby also introduces your child to subtraction by having your kids add and take away monsters in different scenes. This is a good introduction to numbers and basic math for preschoolers. Available on Android and iOS.

Why We Like It: Each number includes three different videos and three activities (a puzzle, a count and fill the bucket game, and a search-and-find game). This keeps things interesting for little ones. Kids can also choose from three coloring pages for each number.

When parents open the app, they can view information about their kids’ past play – including the time played, the percentage correct, and the activities covered. This makes it easy for you to track your child’s progress. It’s a great first app for kids. Elmo and Abby are super likable, so kids will have fun learning their numbers.

Get your kids counting. Check out the Elmo Loves 123s app today.