Age: Birth – 5 Years Old

Category: Brain Development

What It is: Daily Vroom is a personalized brain building activity you can do with your child each day. Science shows that our brains develop the most rapidly during the first five years of life. Vroom helps parents make everyday interactions with their child into age-appropriate learning activities. Each activity includes the brain development background information (in clear language) so you understand how a certain interaction can help your child learn.

Why We Like It: Vroom isn’t a curriculum. You don’t need any special tools or materials to do the activities. Parents always worry about spending “quality time” with their kids, and Vroom is great for that. Vroom cards coach parents on playing more effectively and provide the “why” behind each prompt. You end up learning right along with your child.

The app helps you turn ordinary interactions into quality learning opportunities. Singing back and forth with your child becomes a way to teach listening and memory skills. Asking your child to pick a shirt that matches his/her pants becomes a way to help your child make connections and group like items.

You can choose a Vroom activity from more than 16 categories. The app allows you to enter your kids’ information (in Settings – My Children) so you can select age appropriate activities for each child. You also earn fun badges and unlock reward videos with continued use of the app. Daily Vroom is available in both English and Spanish.

Start making the most of your family’s everyday routines, check out the Daily Vroom app today.