Musical toys for toddlers are great for encouraging your little one’s development! And not only the development of musical talent, but of brain development in general.

In fact, musical toys like the ones featured here teach a whole host of skills.

Musical toys for toddlers:

  • Boost cognitive skills
  • Enhance memory
  • Improve language skills
  • Teach patience
  • Foster creativity and problem-solving, and
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills.

Not to mention competency with music improves competency in math, which is another added bonus.

A study conducted by McMaster University and published in Science Daily found even more benefits from early music exposure.


“After completing the first study of its kind, researchers discovered that very early musical training benefits children even before they can walk or talk. They found that one-year-old babies who participate in interactive music classes with their parents smile more, communicate better and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music.”


Plus kids LOVE music. They tend to naturally gravitate towards a beat and start bopping along. Which is why they LOVE musical toys!

And with the host of childhood development benefits kids derive from musical play, it makes sense you’d want to add some quality musical toys for toddlers to your collection.

Here’s our list of the best musical toys for toddlers to help expose your little one to different beats, instruments, and melodies. Let the fun and learning begin!


Best Musical Toys For Toddlers


1. SMART WALLABY Toddler Musical Instruments Set 

musical toys for toddlers

This toddler instrument set from SMART WALLABY has everything you need in a cool zippered carrying case for easy clean-up and storage!


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The 15-piece set come with a Xylophone (Glockenspiel), Castanets, Triangle, Tambourine, Maracas, Shaker Eggs, Claves, Sleigh Bells and Wrist Bells.  All right-sized for little hands and made out of quality wood that can withstand hours of play.



2. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

musical toys for toddlers

Watch your little one can rock out with this cool VTech toddler drum set! It comes with drumsticks, three drum pads and a cymbal, each with their own special sounds for sensory development.

Your child can drum freestyle or play along to nine pre-set melodies in a variety of musical styles. Or for more structured play, they can follow the lights on the drums as they hear about letters and numbers. Hours of fun!



3. Keyboard Playmat

musical toys for toddlers

This Toddler Keyboard Playmat is a one of our favorite musical toys for toddlers. You can make so many sounds!

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The play mat comes with 8 Musical Instrument tones; piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, xylophone, and guitar. To make music, your child can touch the keys with their hands or feet. It improves coordination, sensory, and motor skills…all in one. Plus, it’s just fun!



4. Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

musical toys for toddlers

The Hape Tap Bench lets toddlers explore different notes and sounds by letting the balls fall on the keys or sliding out the xylophone to create their own music with a wooden mallet.

This is a great first musical toy that helps develop fine motor skills, spatial relationships,  and creativity.



5. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

musical toys for toddlers

Making and hearing noise is one of the first bits of sensory feedback we get. Little ones LOVE to find objects that make consistent sounds, but these can be really irritating to us adults.

The Musical Cuboid inspires creative auditory play WITHOUT driving mom and dad insane.

This interactive sensory toy lets kids add or subtract any combination of five instruments to make their own beautiful music. There’s even an orchestra button to play them together at once. Mini Mozarts will love this musical toy!



6. SMALL FISH Kids Xylophone (with Harmonica)

musical toys for toddlers

The Small Fish Xylophone is one of the classic musical toys for toddlers; an ideal beginner instrument for your future musician.


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Each key in this toy xylophone matches their assigned notes, for a true learning and musical experience. It’s fun, portable and designed to be kid-friendly (meaning it can take a beating).



7. VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

musical toys for toddlers

Now your child can perform and record like a rock star with the Record & Learn KidiStudio by VTech.

Your kiddo can adjust the tempo and sing along to the music while recording a musical masterpiece to share with family. 

If your youngster gets really creative, they can add variety to the music by pressing the cymbal or tapping along on the drum to add a beat to the song.

Or play with the scratch disc sound effect like a DJ. That’s pretty awesome!



8. WolVol 3-Piece Band Musical Toy Instruments for Kids

musical toys for toddlers

This fun WolVol band set comes with a keyboard, guitar, and trumpet…all with volume controls (you’re welcome mom).


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Your child can play the included demo songs, or make up their own tunes as they go along. With three instruments included, it’s perfect for turning playdates into fun rock band rehearsals.



9. Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele

musical toys for toddlers

The Hape Kids Ukelele is a great way to introduce your toddler to music. It’s sturdy, and specifically designed for smaller hands.

Kids can learn the basics of rhythm, strumming, and other techniques will having fun and improving their motor skills. Ukulele available in blue (shown) or red. Pick your child’s favorite!



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10. Ohuhu 5-in-1 Music Toy


musical toys for toddlers

This super cool toddler music toy is an all-in-one band stand. Your child can choose between xylophone, guitar, trumpet, or piano sound effects. This toy can keep toddlers entertained for hours!

Plus the rainbow keys help kids learn colors, and the animal sounds and reading mode helps kids learn even more. It’s a fun musical and learning toy all-in-one.



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