Age: Recommended 6+ (but we know a 5-year old that loves it)

Skills Learned: Drawing, Creativity.

Why We Like It: “Draw Like A Pro” is a super fun and easy way to learn how to draw. All you do is turn down the lights, switch on the projector, insert a slide and trace away. Your kids learn how to make forms and shapes, plus they can get as creative as they want coloring their awesome pics. There is even a wheel of slides so that you can make your own flip book with precut pages and a flip book kit!

What You Should Know: You can log onto to watch easy video instructions for using the slides and projector. Also, the mother of a left-handed child told us (anecdotally) that when her daughter draws, her hand casts a shadow in the drawing box making it hard to see the projection. Parents of lefties may want to consider this before buying. Get the ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro for your mini Picasso. 

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