This week’s best of blogs round up is all about toddlers! You know, those cute but crazy little balls of energy bringing you equal amounts of joy and exhaustion? Yes, those toddlers! We have some ideas of activities to do with your curious little one, tips for when toddlers refuse to take a bath (they will), and some ideas for getting your toddler on a sleep schedule.

Toddlers live to explore the world around them. They are notorious for getting into everything. The Rookie Moms know this, and put together a list 52 activities for engaging your curious toddler. Perfect for those times you need a creative way to keep those little hands busy.

Does bath time ever turn into a power struggle at your house? It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to get your kid clean and ready for bed but they have other ideas. This mom blogger offers some helpful tips for ending the battles and getting your little one into the tub.

Finally, we have a mom whose toddler was having major sleep issues. Her daughter would sometimes lay awake for hours after being put to bed and then wake up early, cranky and crying. She enlisted the help of a sleep consultant, who prescribed 8 simple changes to make bedtime and waking up less of a challenge. She documented the recommendations and results in her Mommy Shorts blog.