What are the parenting stories worth sharing? We’ve rounded up the best from around the internet! This week brings us a mom noticing her toddler’s growth, another mom that’s had it with sibling rivalry, and a mother sharing lessons she’s learned from her son’s autism.

First up, a mother reflects on the changes she sees happening as her daughter progresses into her toddler years. She finds this stage to be an odd mix of growing autonomy and continuing need. This mom feels like she’s starting to find herself again, in the gaps of time when her growing toddler doesn’t need her. See if you can relate….

This mom’s had enough of her kids fighting. Sick and tired of playing referee, she’s stepping back to let the kids work it out on their own. Brave? Foolish? You be the judge.

Finally, we’ve got a mom who looks back at what’s happened in her life since her son was diagnosed with autism. Both her and her son have come a long way towards understanding each other in those ten years. She shares the lessons she’s learned.