Short Answer –  You can hear your baby’s heartbeat at around 8-12 weeks.

Your baby’s heart actually starts beating at around 6 weeks, but you probably wouldn’t be able to hear or see it until about the 8 week mark, and only if you have an early ultrasound exam.

The majority of women will first hear their baby’s heartbeat with a fetal Doppler (a handheld ultrasound baby heartbeat monitor) at weeks 10-12.  How early the sound can be picked up depends on your baby’s positioning inside the uterus and how accurate your due date is.

A healthy baby in the womb will have a heart rate that ranges from 120 to 160 beats per minute, which causes many moms to say it sounds like a galloping horse!

Believe it or not, there are also heartbeat monitors you can purchase and keep at home. Some moms really like being able to listen in to their little one’s heartbeat from the comfort of their own couch. If this sounds like you, check out the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic.