Oh, look at you….you’re GLOWING they say.

Sure. Glowing. Right up to the part where you start sweating like a pig and feeling those hemorrhoids!

The truth of the matter is that pregnancy is a roller coaster of hormones and bodily changes. And not all of these changes fall into the “glowing” category.

Some seriously funky stuff happens to your body.

But we’re here to tell you that a lot of the weird pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing are perfectly normal.


“Danger: Due to the influence of pregnancy hormones I could either burst into tears or kill you in the next five minutes. You have been warned.”


So for all the moms-to-be out there wondering “what is happening??”, we’ll give you the straight scoop on all your weird pregnancy symptoms.

Know that you are not alone! And once you understand what causes these crazy changes in your body, we’ll give you some tips for how you can manage them.


weird pregnancy symptoms
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10 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms


Symptom #1: My nose is driving me crazy!

What: Bloody noses, post nasal drip, weird congestion for no good reason…These are all weird pregnancy symptoms you might experience, and they’re all related to two things; hormones and increasing blood volume which puts more pressure on the delicate blood vessels in your nose.

How To Handle: These symptoms will dissipate soon after you give birth. In the meantime, try using a saline spray to make your nose more comfortable.


Symptom #2: My undies keep getting wet.

What: When you’re pregnant, a sticky white or pale yellow discharge can occur causing you to reach for a new pair of panties. This is caused by increased hormones and vaginal blood flow and it’s totally normal.

If, however, the discharge itches, burns, becomes thick or watery, or starts to develop a foul odor; then talk to your doc because it may indicate an infection.

How To Handle: Wear a panty liner and carry personal wipes in case you need a quick cleansing. You might also want to keep a spare pair of underwear in your bag, just in case.


Symptom #3: I’m sweating like a pig!

What: When you’re pregnant, your metabolism goes into high-gear and sends extra blood pumping throughout your body. This, in turn, heats up your skin and makes you sweat more.

Sweating is your body’s natural way of cooling you down to make you more comfortable.

So while it may be awkward to be dripping in front of your friends, it actuality it’s a good thing.

How To Handle: Sweating is one of the more common weird pregnancy symptoms. Since you know you’re likely to drip, you want to take steps to ensure you don’t stink as a result.

Avoid synthetic fabrics that trap heat and odor. Dress in layers so you can remove some if you need to.

Use talc-free powder and antiperspirants. And finally, drink LOTS of water to replace the fluids you lost.


Symptom #4: My vision is blurry.

What: You feel like reaching for a pair of glasses because your vision is suddenly “off”. Blame it on the fluid retention that accompanies pregnancy.

Your lenses and corneas can become thicker, and pressure in your eyeballs can change causing blurriness.

How To Handle: If caused by fluid retention, the blurriness is temporary and you can file it under, “this too shall pass”.

But occasionally, fuzzy eyesight is a sign of preeclampsia, so be sure to mention it to your healthcare provider just to rule that out.


Symptom #5: I pee when I laugh!

What: Yup, its a thing. You laugh or sneeze, you leak.

Consider this a byproduct of all that extra fluid your doc told you to drink along with an extra ten plus pounds of baby and uterus pushing on your bladder… so yea, you’re going to have to pee. A LOT.

How To Handle: Don’t try and hold it in! Hit the restroom whenever you feel the need. The more you try and hold it, the greater the chance of a leak.

You can also try doing some Kegels to improve muscle tone and reduce leaks.

When your bladder is empty, tighten your pelvic floor muscles (the ones you use to hold it when you have to go). Hold and count to 20. Then release and repeat 5 more times. Do this daily to build pelvic floor strength.

You can also use a thin maxi as a fail-safe if leakage continues to be a problem.

weird pregnancy symptoms
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Symptom #6: My gums hurt.

What: Changing hormones can make your gums swell, bleed, and trap food which causes irritation and possibly infection.

How To Handle: Be sure that a prenatal dental visit is a top priority on your to-do list! Gum disease can increase the risk of premature birth, so this isn’t something you want to mess around with.

Also, maintain good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing at least twice a day.


Symptom #7: I’ve got gas!

What: Another one of those fun, weird pregnancy symptoms is bloating, cramping, and the need to pass gas a LOT.

Yup, it’s true…gas and pregnancy go together like sleep deprivation and newborns.

Blame all the progesterone floating around your body which causes your intestines to become sluggish, which in turn causes the extra gassiness.

How To Handle: Watch out for foods that are known to cause gas such as; brussels sprouts, broccoli, carbonated drinks, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, and onions.

You can also take something to treat constipation and get things moving again, which should help.

If the gas and bloating gets worse, you may want to talk to your doc and see what he/she recommends to help.


Symptom #8: I can’t get my shoes on!

What: Fluid retention is extremely common during pregnancy. It can cause your feet to swell up to a full size bigger!

How To Handle: Go for comfort. Push all your fancy shoes to the back of the closet and invest in a new pair of comfy slip-ons in a larger size you can wear now.

The bad news, some women’s feet never go back to their original size. Ugh. But you won’t know until after the birth, so give it a few months and start trying on old favorites again.


Symptom #9: I’ve got funny tingling sensations.

What: You might think that the tingling, numbness, or pain you feel in your thighs and elsewhere is a circulation issue, but actually the opposite it true.

The extra blood you’re pumping can put additional pressure on nerves, and your expanding uterus can cause even more compression.

How To Handle: A good maternity support belt can give you some relief by lifting your belly up.

If you have actual pain, as opposed to tingling, in your lower extremities: be sure to talk to your doctor so they can be sure it’s not a blood clot.


Symptom #10: My veins are out of control!

What: Enlarged, purple or black spider veins commonly appear on legs due to an accumulation of blood in the veins caused by pressure from the uterus.

These enlarged veins can also occur on the labia or around the anus (hemorrhoids).  Not fun.

How To Handle: Try not to stand for extended periods of time. Avoid crossing your legs and prop them up whenever you can.

You can also try wearing support hose to relieve some of the pressure.

For hemorrhoids, regular sitz baths can help soothe the inflammation.


See? Those strange pregnancy symptoms been experiencing aren’t all that weird after all!

But as always, if anything feels “off” to you or you experience any kind of pain, uncomfortableness, or uncommon pregnancy symptoms you can’t explain… talk to your health care provider.

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