For a lot of parents, summertime brings about the inevitable question, “How am I going to keep the kids busy without spending a ton of money?”

The good news is there are ALL kinds of ways to bust summer boredom that are totally affordable (or even free!) and keep kids off their computers or iPads.

Wait… you can keep kids entertained for next to nothing without resorting to screen time?  Yup!

We hope your next thought is, “Tell me more!”


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Summer activities for kids don’t have to be complicated. Trust us, your kids just want to run around and have fun with their family!

They don’t get to spend much one-on-one time time with mom and dad during the school year, which makes summer a great opportunity to dial up the family bonding.  

To that end, we put together a list of 24 low cost summer activities for kids that are super fun and totally easy to pull off.

With this list of ideas in hand, you’ll definitely be ready to make some special memories and have the best summer yet!


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25 Low Cost Summer Activities For Kids

    1. Get creative! Make some outdoor art with sidewalk chalk.
    2. Make a time capsule, bury it in the backyard, and vow to open it when the kids graduate high school.
    3. Head to a local park and fly a kite.
    4. Go for a hike or walk a local nature trail. Find your trail here.
    5. Make paper airplanes and see who’s can fly the farthest.
    6. Have a read-in day! Stay in cozy PJs, build pillow forts, and surround yourself with some great children’s books.
    7. Put together a scavenger hunt for the kids.
    8. Have a water balloon or squirt gun fight in the backyard.
    9. Play some classic outdoor summer games; like tag, Marco-Polo, red-light/ green-light, freeze dance, or hide and seek.
    10. Go camping! Even if this just means setting up a tent in the backyard.
    11. Search online for “free admission” days to local museums, galleries, and zoos. Many offer free or reduced price admission, especially for kids.
    12. Pack up all the essentials and have family day at the beach.
    13. Have a baking party! Teach your kids basic cooking skills; like mixing and measuring, while making some sweet treats for the neighborhood.
    14. Have the kids create and perform a play; complete with costumes and props.
    15. Bust out the board games and have a family game night.
    16. Check out your local library’s summer programs! Many have story time, movies, and other kid-friendly free activities.
    17. Commit random acts of kindness in your community. Check out our acts of kindness 30-day challenge for inspiration.
    18. Pack up a cooler, blanket, and frisbee and head to a local park for a picnic.
    19. Make paper bag puppets and put on a puppet show.
    20. Have a family pizza and movie night! Let the kids help make the pizza and pick the film.
    21. Go to a free concert in the park. Many cities host free concerts during summer, search online to find one near you. 
    22. Turn on the sprinklers and make your yard into an impromptu water park.
    23. Create an obstacle course in your backyard.
    24. Head to the park with a bat, some cushioned safety balls and glove and get your baseball on.
    25. Create a killer playlist and head out on a scenic family drive or road trip.


summer activities for kids
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Are you inspired? We hope so!

Now grab the family, get out there and start enjoying all the fun the summer has to offer.


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