Who doesn’t love a good family road trip? Road trips are AWESOME!

Especially if you’ve got the right gear, meaning you’ve packed all the family road trip essentials you need to keep motoring along without a care in the word.

Why do we love road trips so much?  Because they allow you to travel at your own pace, avoiding the stress and headaches that come with set departure times.  

Road trips also allow for fun spontaneity and unplanned side adventures. See a sign for the world’s tallest thermometer or largest ball of twine? Go check it out!  

You’re in control of your own schedule and destiny.

Road trips are the perfect opportunity to unplug and connect with your family in a completely different environment. There’s time for talking, car games, and maybe even an impromptu sing-a-long.

Ready to hit the open highway? Check out our list of must have family road trip essentials to be sure your family is ready for any crazy adventure that comes your way.

Happy Motoring!


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Family Road Trip Essentials


The Basics:

  • Driver’s license, registration and insurance information
  • Pen and paper
  • UV protectant sunglasses for everyone
  • Cash and coins (for parking meters or places that don’t accept credit)
  • Map  (it’s a good to bring a paper map just in case your phone dies or you can’t access navigation apps)
  • Smartphone and car charger
  • Kleenex
  • Hand sanitizer or wipes 
  • Lip Balm  
  • Pocket knife   
  • Duct tape    
  • External battery to recharge electronics  

Car Safety:


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Health and Safety:

  • Bug spray (we like the natural, DEET free kind)  
  • Sunscreen (we really like natural, non-chemical brands like this one)  
  • First aid kit 
  • Any essential medication or prescriptions your family needs

Food and Drinks:

  • Cooler    
  • Lots of water! Keep some bottled water in the trunk and inside the car
  • Insulated water bottle to keep your drinks cool  
  • Food and snacks (you may get hungry between stops so be sure to stock up on healthy snacks to keep your energy up)


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For The Kiddos:

  • Tablets loaded with movies & educational games
  • Baby wipes (Good for cleaning all kinds of messes)
  • Headphones for each child 
  • Notebooks and colored pencils
  • Change of clothes for younger kids (in case they get sick or spill)
  • Extra formula, baby food and diapers for infants
  • Favorite toy or stuffed animal
  • A bucket for for trash or emergency car sickness
  • Road trip games! (Try Mad Libs for the Road or Travel Scavenger Hunt)  


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For The Family Pet:

Other Car Must Haves:


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Now that you’ve got all the family road trip essentials covered, all you need is a destination.  Happy travels!

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