We know, we’ve heard all the excuses…too busy, too tired, not enough money. But we’re here to tell you those excuses are getting old.

Now is the time to start planning that family vacation you’ve been dreaming of, and we can help!

There are more options than ever for family getaways to fit almost any schedule and budget. Still not sure you’re ready to hit the road? Read on for the top five reasons to take a family vacation…

1. Guaranteed Quality Time

You are busy, your family is busy; work, school, sports, etc. In fact, you’re getting exhausted just thinking about it.

A vacation is your chance to get away from it all and spend quality time with the people you care about the most.

You have time to share a laugh, play, talk, and connect – without the daily distractions of your modern busy life.

2. Discover New Experiences

Travel is an amazing learning tool for kids. Wherever you go, you’ll be exploring new places, seeing things through new eyes and having the opportunity to learn about things first hand that your kids may have only read about or seen on TV.  

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Plan ahead and get your kids learning about the cuisine, history, and culture of the place you’ll be visiting before you travel, and make the experience even more educational.

3. Create Memories

Vacations are a chance to create fond memories for your kids that they will cherish and remember into adulthood.

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Plus, your kids won’t be little forever, vacation is a great opportunity for you to slow down and savor the time when they’re still young.

4. Relax and Play

Taking time to play has powerful benefits for both kids and adults. Play is one of the most significant factors in determining success and happiness.  

Vacation is a prime opportunity to let go, have fun, relax and recharge your batteries.  You’ll be stress free in no time.

5. Build Stronger Relationships

Spending time together strengthens the family foundation. Children that see their parents, grandparents and family laughing and enjoying life experience feelings of love, safety and support.

Have you heard the expression, “the family that plays together, stays together”?  We think it’s true.

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