In too Many Pumpkins kids learn important lessons about sharing and being a good neighbor. It’s a classic fall story everyone will love.   

Author: Linda White

Age: 4 and up

Category: Fall/Halloween classic

Too Many Pumpkins

Why We Like It: Rebecca Estelle (our main character) endured a poor childhood where the only food she had to eat was pumpkins. And as a result…she hates them.

Jump forward in time, and Rebecca finds herself the unlikely recipient of a bumper crop of pumpkins. Ugh! She’s not exactly thrilled about the too many pumpkins situation.

But rather than let them go to waste, she swallows her personal pumpkin prejudice and prepares dishes for the whole town. Rebecca learns a great lesson about the power of community in the process

Kids love the cool illustrations in this book. Hint: be sure to look for Rebecca’s cat on each page.

They also like the idea of a crazy bumper crop of shiny orange pumpkins. It’s fun!

This is a great book to read aloud. We like that the story allows for discussions about how helping our neighbors, despite any initial misgivings, can make us happy too.

You’ll definitely want the too may pumpkins book to be a part of your home library.



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