Category: Combination Seat (Forward-Facing Harness to Booster)

Weight: 25 lbs

Size: 28 x 21 x 25.6 in

Capacity: 20-65 lbs in harness mode; 30-120 lbs in booster mode (up to 59” tall)

Why We Like It: This forward-facing combination harness-booster seat has an edge over much of its competition in terms of safety features. Recaro, a leader in racing car seat technology, incorporates some of those same safety features from racecars into its car seat design for children. For instance, the deep side wings are reinforced with metal to prevent injury from side-impact collisions. Also, the HERO harness system provides shoulder padding, an easily positioned chest clip, and extra support to protect your child’s head, neck, and shoulders. The harness adjusts easily as your child grows and is easy to remove when converting to the booster seat option. The harness straps also have sporty safety stripes to alert parents with a quick peek if the straps become twisted.

What makes the Recaro Performance combination seat such a great model is that it matches the safety features with comfort and convenience. The comfort memory foam offers extra cushioning to keep your little ones as comfortable on long road trips as they are around town for quick errands. The added mesh provides better ventilation to lessen the buildup of body heat, helping baby stay cool.

There’s also cup holders and added storage on the side so you’ve got space to keep snacks, drinks, and a bit of entertainment in easy reach of your child (while your hands stay safely on the wheel). The narrow base of the Recaro Performance SPORT will allow for the car seat and two passengers across the rear bench in most mid-sized cars. You can even tote it aboard an airplane when using it in harness mode because it meets air travel safety requirements…although at 25 pounds, you may not want that kind of workout while you fly.

Cons: Recaro recently changed the harness buckle strap by shortening it a bit. Some parents have complained that the new strap is more difficult to adjust and can pinch across their children’s laps while using the seat in harness mode. The strap can be adjusted to correct the issue, so be sure to make adjustments if your child finds the buckle strap uncomfortable after installation. Most parents found with a few tweaks, they were good to go.

At the end of the day, the Recaro Performance SPORT Combination Seat has a lot of the bells and whistles you want in terms of safety, performance, and comfort. It’s a solid choice for a combination car seat.

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