Are you looking to BOOST TRAFFIC to reach new customers and increase sales?

…but are you tired of the endless hustling? 

Or feeling like you’re wasting time on campaigns and platforms that don’t deliver any real ROI?

If you’ve tried all kinds of tactics, but it STILL feels like you’re just spinning your wheels…

It may be time for a change.


Imagine a world where….

  • You don’t feel like you’re wasting effort because you have a proven formula to boost traffic and increase sales.
  • You know exactly how to reach your ideal audience where they hangout and get your products/services seen by new customers.
  • You can relax and say goodbye to endless hustling, because you have a long-term strategy in place that will build momentum and grow your business over time.

That’s what having a solid Pinterest marketing strategy can do for you! 

And our Pinterest Checklist is the guide that can get you there.Pinterest checklist

Why Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is an AMAZING tool to increase traffic, sales and engagement.

And we know this to be true because it gets us… Over 40 Million Monthly Views!

But we get it, Pinterest can seem a little intimidating at first. 

The tactics you use on Facebook and Instagram won’t fly here.

You need to combine eye-catching design and killer content with a solid SEO strategy to get your Pins found organically.

We personally went through YEARS of trial and error, testing, research, and falling into what we affectionately call a “Pinterest hole” before we figured out our winning game plan.

And now we want to share some of OUR SECRETS with you.

Think about it – you get to skip the years of research and testing it takes to build a successful strategy from scratch. You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did starting out!

We’re excited to share the tips and tricks we discovered in our Pinterest Marketing Strategy Checklist. 

Our goal is to help overwhelmed, time-crunched business owners and marketers feel confident, organized and in-control of their company’s marketing strategy.

So why LISTEN to us?

We are the people behind Beenke. 

And we developed the strategy that skyrocketed Beenke to Pinterest’s highest 10M+ category. To be exact, we get OVER 40 MILLION VIEWS A MONTH and that’s all ORGANIC traffic!



For a limited time, we’re offering a FREE COPY of our eBook, PINTEREST MARKETING STRATEGY CHECKLIST.

It’s designed to put you on the right path AND it contains all the elements you’ll need to get started on Pinterest — the RIGHT WAY!

Pinterest checklist

Pinners—they really do come to shop, says Katie Dombrowski, who leads Pinterest’s Disruptor unit, which found that 85 percent of users have made a purchase within a week based on what they’d seen on the platform.


Why You Need A Pinterest Checklist

This guide is for business owners and marketers that want to hit the ground running with confidence, knowing they have a solid plan in place. 

Don’t spin your wheels trying to find all the pieces of the puzzle, we’ve already solved it. And we’ll tell you the pieces you need to build a strategy that works.

And if Pinterest isn’t part of your current strategy – it should be!


Pinterest is responsible for 65% of all sales from social media. That’s right, it generates MORE SALES than any other platform!


There’s PLENTY of untapped potential on this platform – 97% of Pinterest searches are still unbranded. 

Which means you have a unique opportunity to win customers at a crucial stage of their purchasing journey…ahead of your competition.

Pinterest is a great way to attract new customers, generate leads, and boost traffic to your website!


Turbocharge Pinterest To Drive Even More Traffic!

This Pinterest checklist is actually the first in a SERIES OF STRATEGIES we’ve developed and want to share with you.

That’s right, we don’t just offer tips for Pinterest – we’ll also tell you the FIVE ELEMENTS that work in tandem with Pinterest to supercharge your results. 

The 5 components businesses NEED to know in order to really turbocharge their traffic and revenue. 

Most Pinterest Pros don’t share these secrets, but we do. We don’t like keeping good secrets to ourselves. 🙂

Think of Pinterest like an engine that drives traffic to your site. Without these 5 components — Pinterest will function like an ordinary car, the Honda Civic of web traffic.

But Pinterest is capable of SO MUCH MORE. It’s meant to run like a high performance race car that propels you into the winner’s circle  – we’ll show you how!

So grab your free copy of our checklist to get started. And then look forward to learning even more great traffic boosting strategies from us in the future.


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