What It Is: The iBaby Digital Baby Video Camera (with Night Vision and Music Player) has the capabilities you’d want in a baby camera; motion-triggered photo and video capture, 720p HD video, smart alerts, and a push-to-talk feature that lets you soothe a crying child. You can also play lullabies from the music library, or record your own. What is especially nice about this particular camera is that it has a full 360-degree rotating pan that other units don’t have. The iBaby streams to an app on your tablet or smartphone. The Wi-Fi enabled video is clear, even in low light (helpful for nighttime).

Why We Like It: Checking in on a sleeping baby, without waking them up, could require special ninja skills…or an iBaby. We love that you can see the whole room fairly easily without changing the monitor angle; you just adjust the view through your smartphone. The two-way sound is also great! You can hear baby laugh (or cry) and sometimes, if baby is just waking up, you can talk softly through the microphone to soothe him/her back to sleep without you having to get up too. Yes! Btw, you can use this same feature if you spy a pet doing something they shouldn’t. “Down Buster!” can also be communicated through the mic from your smartphone.

The camera’s night vision quality is good.  iBaby Monitor M6 will also let you invite an unlimited number of users to view your video feed (hello grandma!), while allowing for privacy options. You can turn on Sleep Mode to temporarily restrict access of users to the video feed. What’s more, the mobile app makes it easy to capture both pictures and videos, all without any extra fees or subscriptions. Keep in mind, this camera works on wifi so you need to have a good signal with good speed and Internet access for this device to work well for you. The set-up was relatively easy.

One final note, while the ability to check in on baby visually (without disrupting their sleep) is the main reason parents opt for a video monitor, it can also be highly addictive for new parents who just won’t be able stop looking at the miracle they created. You might find yourself watching your baby so often on your iPhone that you get little else done during the day. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  

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