EDITOR’S NOTE:  We are sorry to report that the My Pretend Place subscription service is no longer available.

If you are looking for a fun and educational subscription box for your child, check out this list of the Best Subscription Boxes For Kids.  

There’s boxes on this list tailored to a wide variety of hobbies and interests. We hope you find something your child will love.


My Pretend Place:

Why We Like It: This is the antidote for too much screen time! My Pretend Place is a subscription box for kids who love to dress up and play pretend – which is one of our kids’ very favorite activities. This box takes make-believe to a whole new level.

What’s really cool is that My Pretend Place includes a letter for your child with each box. The letter introduces whatever the theme is, like astronaut, magician, rock star, or pirate and gives your kids ideas about what type of play is in store.

We also really like that the costumes are made out of high quality, non-itchy material. We’re not fans of cheap scratchy costumes. And the boxes come with fun add-ons, like magnets, toys, books, etc. tied to the theme to give your kids hours of fun activities.

My Pretend Place – Rock Star


What You Should Know: You can choose between boy, girl, or neutral costume categories to receive in your subscription box. Not that any of the costumes have to be any specific gender, our little girl LOVED the fireman themed box. It’s just nice to have choices about what characters you get.

The My Pretend Place boxes are reusable! They turn into nice storage containers. And they come with stickers you place on the outside to identify what theme is inside. This way your kids can easily pull out the boxes of whatever character they want to play at a later date.

These boxes consistently deliver hours of imaginative, make-believe play (with no iPads in sight!). Plus, come Halloween, you can easily pull out a box and your child can go dressed as their favorite My Pretend Place character. An added bonus!

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