Age:  6 Years Old – Adult

Skills: Problem Solving, Motor Skills, Creativity

Why We Like It: Are you or your kids obsessed with LEGOs? Then this is the subscription box for you my friend!

Brick Loot is the creation of 9 year old Parker Krex. Parker is a LEGO fanatic and has accumulated a massive collection. By the age of 4, he started reviewing his LEGO sets on YouTube. Brick Loot is his way of sharing his brick building obsession with the world.

LEGOs are a great skill building toy for kids. They teach them how to think in three dimensions. Following the build instructions improves reading skills. In addition, brick building enhances creativity, fine-motor and creative thinking skills.

Brick Loot researches the latest and greatest brick themed toys and ships a custom box direct to you. Every month is different to prevent building boredom.

What You Should Know: Each month you get a new, unique set of items. All bricks from Brick Loot are either LEGOS or are LEGO compatible. So they’ll all work together.

Every  Brick Loot box is themed. Each delivery arrives with a card that details every item in your box. It also comes with a theme sticker, so you’ll know what’s inside the box once you store it.

A lot of LEGO builds are crowdsourced these days, the larger LEGO community creates some really cool stuff, and Brick Loot taps into that. Which we love.

The instructions for the Brick Loot builds are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

Every month comes with a little mini figure as well, typically these figures are exclusive. For example, with their rock n’ roll theme, Brick Loot sent a little Elton John figure.

And if you wanted to turn other mini figures into rockers, they included some cool stickers that will do just that!

We gotta tell you, we had a great time building our Brick Loot project. It’s a great stress reliever. Our kids love Brick Loot, but we think it’s pretty neat for adults too. A good activity to do together.



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