Blog Type: Family Travel

What’s It About: Cindy Bailey and her husband Pierre were tired of their exhausting routine in the silicon valley; so they saved every spare cent they could find, sold or gave away most of their belongings, and moved with their two small children to Switzerland…and they haven’t stopped traveling since!

Why We Like It: If you long to experience far-off lands or suffer from a serious case of wanderlust, this is the blog for you. You can follow the family’s nomadic adventures as they live in short-term rentals in dozens of places throughout Europe, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Plus, Cindy gives great tips and advice on topics ranging from how to explore a new culture with kids, to traveling light, navigating foreign transportation, stretching your dollars overseas, and more.

Be Aware: This blog may inspire you to sell all your belongings, pack up the kids and travel the world….and that’s okay. At the very least, it shows you that extended travel with kids is not only possible, it’s fun.