Blog Type: Saving Money

What’s It About: Candace is a work-at-home homeschooling mother to five boys. Her husband left his corporate job (that was making him miserable) to start a new career. Candace knew that in order to make ends meet on a reduced salary, she’d have to learn to be thrifty. She researched tons of ways to save money and lower the family’s monthly living expenses, and she shares all her tips, tricks, and ideas in this blog.

Why We Like It: Candace leaves no stone unturned… when it comes to money saving ideas she will look anywhere. Her posts are well categorized and cover everything you need to know to achieve frugal living success: finances, budgets, shopping, food prep, low-cost family activities, household items, DIY, and more. She also hosts a Frugal Living Forum where dedicated savers can chat about the many ways they’ve found to save money.

Be Aware: Candace is big on planning meals ahead of time, cooking in large batches, and freezing to save both time and money. In addition to the blog, she has also published two cookbooks; “Frugal Mom’s Guide To Once A Month Cooking” and “The Everything Freezer Meals Cookbook” that budget-conscious home cooks may also want to check out.