Recalls Posted: Jan. and Feb. of 2017

Name of Products: Multiple brands of dog food have been recalled in the first two months of 2017.  

Hazard: The hazards vary by brand and include a range of potential issues from foreign objects in the food, to potential pentobarbital contamination. If your dog’s brand of food is included in the list below, click on the website link for further details including Lot/UPC numbers for impacted products.

 Recall Date  Brand Product
02/28  Evanger’s and Against The Grain  Braised Beef and Pulled Pork
02/14  Against The Grain  Pulled Beef w/ Gravy
02/13  Blue Buffalo  Homestyle Recipe
02/09  Giant Food Stores  Companion Canned Dog Food
02/09  PetSmart  Chicken and Rice
02/03  Evanger’s  Hunk of Beef
01/13  Blue Ridge Beef  Blue Ridge Frozen Products

If any of these brands match your dog’s brand, check out the Petful website for more details of the recall.