Disneyland may be “the happiest place on earth”, but sorry folks…you can’t live there. Since moving in with Mickey is out, have you ever wondered where the real happiest places to live are located?

Personal-finance website WalletHub just released its 2017 Happiest Places To Live Report this week and Mickey Mouse isn’t too far off. California cities hold 13 of the report’s top 20 positions. It must be something in the water out west.

Researchers used data from 150 of the nation’s largest cities to make the determination. The evaluation looked at 30 metrics in three main categories – emotional and physical well-being, community and environment, income and employment.

Is your city on the list? Here are the report’s top ten happiest places to live:

  1. Fremont, CA.
  2. San Jose, CA
  3. Irvine, CA
  4. San Francisco, CA
  5. Sioux Falls, SD
  6. Huntington Beach, CA
  7. San Diego, CA
  8. Oakland, CA
  9. Santa Rosa, CA
  10. Washington D.C.

Don’t see your city in the top ten? Check out WalletHub’s complete report to see how your city measures up.