Short Answer:  Nope. Babies are evolutionarily designed to be cute and cuddly so that you’ll pick them up and hold them. This won’t make them spoiled.

Babies don’t cry to control you, they cry to communicate when they need something. Despite what you might think, babies aren’t complex enough creatures to be master manipulators (that comes with toddlerhood, ha!)  

Studies show that infants cry less, calm down faster, and become more independent when they are responded to in a timely fashion. Children need to feel safe to grow and thrive. Knowing that their parents are there when they need them builds this feeling of security.

That being said, not every cry demands an instant response. We’ve heard docs tell tales of anxious parents that swoop in the moment they hear a cry. Baby may start to pick up on mom or dad’s anxiety, which makes them even more fussy and can create an anxiety cycle.

Instead of immediately picking up your little one the second they start crying, talk to them gently and reassure them with a soothing voice to show them you’re relaxed. Your baby might pick up on your chill vibe and quiet down on their own. If the crying continues, then something else (besides anxiety) is probably going on. Go ahead and pick them up to show you’re there for them.

If your baby cries often and for extended periods of time, they may have colic. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Beenke’s tips and tricks for soothing a colicky baby.