Short Answer:  Probably, particularly if your baby is older than six weeks which is when the frequency of bowel movements tends to change.

In the early weeks, just about every feeding your baby has should produce a bowel movement. The first few days after birth (during the meconium phase), your baby may have 4-5 dark, greenish-black stools spread over two or three days.  As colostrum develops into mature milk, your baby will have 2-5 bowel movements a day up to week six.  

It’s around this time (week 6) that the number of bowel movements may change and become less consistent, but that’s okay. Most infants will still go one or more times a day, but they may occasionally go a full day without going at all. Constipation is rare in babies who haven’t yet started solid foods. It’s possible that they may even go only once or twice in a week! As long as their poop consists of loose, unformed stools with either a pea soup consistency or cottage cheese like curds, and they are wetting their diaper at least six times a day, they are fine.  

If your baby is younger than six weeks and not pooping often, or they are older and their stools are hard or they seem constipated, call your doctor.