Are you expecting? Congratulations! Whether it’s your first or your fourth, we know your friends and family are going to be super excited to hear the news.

But how’re you going to tell them? And tell them in a way that reflects your family’s personal style?

If you’re looking for some cool and creative ways to announce pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want your announcement to be sweet, traditional, or funny…we’ve got ideas to help inspire you.

One of these is sure to be a good fit for your personality. Get ready to share the good news!


Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy


1. Signs

This is one of the more traditional creative ways to announce pregnancy, but it’s popular for good reason.

Making signs, out of paper or using small chalkboards, and taking a photo to share via email, social media, or paper announcement is a sweet and cute classic.

Some great ones we’ve seen, if you have multiple kids have them hold numbered signs for their birth order (#1, #2, etc.) while mom holds the next number (#3) over her belly.

We’ve seen couples pose in front of a street sign that says “Bump Ahead”, funny and cute!

We’ve also seen various versions of “coming soon”, “save the date”, or “debuting in August” that work really well.


2. Pets

If you’re a family that’s devoted to your fur baby, and now you’re expecting a human baby, you might want to get your pet in on the announcement fun!

Taking a photo of your family dog wearing an “I’m going to be a big brother” sign or t-shirt is adorable.

Or you capture your cat looking at some baby shoes, or the dog contemplating the ultrasound. You get the idea!

Let everyone know your family is expanding beyond the four-legged kids to the kind with two.



3. Baby Super Fan

Is your family dedicated to a particular sports team? Star Wars? Disneyland? Whatever your family obsession, include it in your pregnancy announcement!

Snap a pic at your team’s baseball game holding up a tiny jersey or onesie for the new baby.

Take a Star Wars themed pic announcing a new Jedi Padawan is coming soon.

Photograph mom and dad’s Mickey Mouse ears next to a tiny set marked for baby.

Whatever team, movie, or theme you’re family is into, your baby will be too. Let the world know the next super fan is on the way!


4. Eating For Two

Are you a foodie? Is your Instagram feed filled with images of tacos, sushi, and tapas?

Then why not announce your pregnancy in a way that matches your tastes.

Take an awesome photo of you with a feast of your favorite dishes and caption it “eating for two”. Everyone will know the next great chef is on his or her way.


5. Tiny Things

Nothing says little one more then little tiny objects…and it’s so flippin’ cute!

Take a photo of your family’s shoes, from largest to smallest, ending with a pair of baby booties.

Photograph your full-size bikes along with a tricycle.

Are you beach people? Take a pic of your sunglasses next to a cute little pair of baby sunglasses. Everyone will know a mini-surfer will be hitting the sand soon.



6. Wordy Baby

Are you a family of readers? Are words your thing? Use that in crafting your announcement!

Take a photo of you and your partner reading a book about a new baby to your other kids.

Set up the words of your announcement in a crossword puzzle or on a scrabble board.

If you’re really feeling creative, you can write a poem announcing your baby. It’ll be the best thing friends and family will read all year!


7. Movie Poster

Are you a family of film buffs? Why not announce your next “coming attraction” by creating a fun movie poster!

Let people know the plot (gender) and projected release date of your baby film…popcorn optional.



8. Ultrasounds and Tests

Here’s another classic idea, incorporate your positive pregnancy test or ultrasound photo into your announcement!

Take a pic of you and your partner looking (happy, shocked, scared) at a positive pregnancy test. Or take a photo kissing or hugging your partner while holding up your ultrasound.

You can even write on the ultrasound pic, “coming soon” or “Smith #3” or some other clever indication that a little one is on the way.

Cool and creative ways to announce pregnancy
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9. Big Brother/Big Sister

Are you expecting your second, third, or fourth child? Get the other kids in on the announcement fun!

Take photos of your children wearing “future big brother” or “future big sister” shirts.

Take a photo with your family sitting in chairs, tallest to shortest, with a tiny empty chair at the end of the line.

Are your kids into soccer or baseball? Photograph them in their uniforms holding a tiny jersey or baby bat. It’ll be a keepsake everyone in the family will treasure.



Are you inspired yet? Did you pick the creative way to announce pregnancy that works best for you?

Let your personality and tastes guide you. We’re sure you’ll come up with something special everyone will love.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite of our cute pregnancy announcement ideas and share the good news already!

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