A colicky baby is enough to frazzle the nerves of any new parent. That’s why we reached out to doctors and moms alike to get their best colic soothing tips.

When it comes to soothing a colicky baby, it’s hit or miss. Some babies respond well to certain tactics, some respond only occasionally, and some don’t respond at all. But when you’re looking to catch a break… any little bit helps, so it doesn’t hurt to try! 

We’ve rounded up a number of techniques that have helped other parents, and they can help you too! Read on to learn their baby whispering secrets.

What The Doc Says:

Some pediatricians suggest trying The Five S’s to calm a crying baby. Babies feel soothed when we do things that mimic life inside the womb.  

The Five S’s include:

  • Swaddling
  • Shooshing loudly in baby’s ear (to mimic the sound in utero)
  • Swinging baby
  • Sucking on a pacifier, and
  • Laying your baby on his/her side or stomach (across your forearm or lap with their head resting in your hand).

The calming effect may be greatest when you do all five together, or it could be a combination of 2 or 3 that is just the ticket. Mix and match until you find the right combination of “S’s” for your child.

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What A Mom Says:

Moms will try almost anything to calm a colicky baby.  Here’s a few techniques that have been used successfully by real moms in the real world, so you know they’re on point. Give them a try!

Some moms have seen a reduction in colic symptoms after giving their baby a probiotic (Lactobacillus reuteri in particular).  Be sure to talk to your doctor so they can recommend a strain and help you with the proper dosing for your baby.

One mom we spoke with had success calming her baby by cradling him in her arms while gently bopping on an exercise ball. (Can’t hurt to try, right?)

We’ve also heard that some parents use their car seat as a modified swaddler. Some babies sleep better in a car seat than anyplace else.

White noise makers or CDs work wonders for some moms. Sometimes even odd sounds, like a vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, exhaust fan, or dishwasher work because they remind baby of being back in the womb.

Vibrations may be your child’s calming trigger. We’ve heard of parents that drive their colicky baby around because the car is soothing, or who place their baby in a carrier on top of the dryer because their baby likes the vibrations.

Some babies like feeling warm water against their belly. You can fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water, wrap it in a towel, place it on your stomach and lay your baby on top of you. Be sure it’s warm, not hot, because baby’s skin is more sensitive than yours.

Keeping your baby close to you by carrying them around in a front pack or sling while you walk might also help calm them down.

Some moms swear by placing their baby higher up in the pack, so the baby is closer to your chest and heartbeat. While others bounce gently while their baby is in the sling to help settle them down.

Another trick some moms swear by is giving baby a warm bath during their colicky period to distract and/or relax them.  You can also try running warm water on their back from a nozzle, the rhythmic warm feeling may be calming as well.

And finally, some parents have found relief by giving their baby Gripe Water, which is a natural supplement designed to soothe baby stomach discomfort and colic.


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