Think of your most impactful childhood memories. We’re guessing very few of them revolve around tangible gifts, and instead have to do with experiences you had with your family.

That’s why when people ask us for parenting tips, we think about the kind of “gifts” we can give our children that they’ll never forget.

The experiences, lessons, and values they’ll carry with them into adulthood.


“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” Sarah Dessen


Think about it – the toys and games you give your kids will eventually be forgotten as they’re replaced by the newest shiny thing.

But the love, attention, and values you instill in your children will last a lifetime. 


Parenting Tips


25 Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget:


1. Unconditional Love

We wanted to start the list with the most important of all our parenting tips, and that is unconditional love.

Being loved unconditionally gives a child a sense of self and value that doesn’t depend upon physical looks or abilities, acquired skills, or accomplishments of any kind.

Being loved as a child teaches one how to love as an adult, how to be kind and compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic.

As Aristotle once said,”loving and being loved is the foundation of happiness”.


2. Tickets To An Event

One of my fondest memories of childhood is when my mom took me to the ballet when I was a little girl. It’s something I’ll never forget.

Get your child tickets to an event that has significant meaning to them; like a favorite singer, show, or sporting event.

Something that makes them feel special and grown-up. An event they can look forward to and remember fondly into adulthood.


3. Classes

Instill a lifelong love of learning in your child by encouraging them to explore their interests and talents.

Whatever your kid is into; dance, art, music, cooking, etc. sign them up for a class and watch them bloom.


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4. Memberships

If there’s a zoo, aquarium, museum, theatre, or music venue in your area, gift your child a membership so they can go regularly.

Not only will it give you some quality family time together, but you’ll also get to explore topics more in depth each time you attend.

Another way to encourage learning and exploration.


5. Affirmation

Sometimes it just takes one simple word of affirmation to change your child’s entire day.

Make sure your children know how much you appreciate them. Remind them every chance you get.


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6. Curiosity

Encourage your kids to ask questions and to look deeper to really understand how the world works.

Instead of saying, “stop asking so many questions”, show them how to research, invent, and experiment to find the answers they’re looking for.


7. Positive Discipline

Children need to learn everything including appropriate behaviors, how to get along with others, and how to make their way in society.

Consistent boundaries and positive discipline are crucial in teaching these lessons.

Positive discipline focuses not on punishing mistakes, but learning how to do better next time. These are powerful lessons that resonate into adulthood.


8. Generosity

Demonstrate being generous in your own life so that your kids will become generous in theirs.

Volunteer, give back, get involved… show your children how giving back brings so many rewards.


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9. Honesty and Integrity

Children who learn the value and importance of honesty at a young age are much more likely to become honest adults.

Honest adults who live a life of integrity and deal truthfully with others tend to feel better about themselves, enjoy life more, and sleep better at night.


10. Discipline

The ability to postpone immediate pleasure in the pursuit of a long-term goal is what success is made of.

Physical and mental gifts without discipline aren’t built to last. Teach a child discipline, and you teach them how to turn dreams into reality.


11. Encouragement

Words are powerful, they can build a child up or just as easily tear them down.  

Be conscious of the words you use and choose words of encouragement for kids to build their self esteem.


12. Art

Encourage imagination by making art a part of your children’s lives.

Fill a basket with art supplies, let them try a musical instrument, encourage craft projects. All these things will open their eyes to beauty and boost creativity.


Parenting Tips
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13. Nature

Children who learn to appreciate the world around them take care of the world around them. Teach them to love nature!

Go on hikes and beach walks, look for birds and butterflies, give them a healthy love of the outdoors that will make them better global citizens.


14. Room For Mistakes

Mistakes happen. And the people who achieve great things in the world are the ones who embrace their mistakes, learn lessons and get better.

Don’t raise kids who are afraid of failure. Raise kids who are excited to TRY new things. Give them a safe space to experiment, learn, and grow.


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15. A Hobby And The Right Tools

A hobby is something that can bring joy to your child for an entire lifetime. Encourage this by giving them the right tools for the job!

Get them their own gardening or workshop tools, hiking gear, fishing rod, dance shoes, golf clubs, whatever.

Having the right tools lets your kids experience and discover the things they’ll love to do.


16. A Lifelong Love Of Reading

Kids who read do better in school and in life. Encourage this trait while they’re still young!

Read to your kids every night before bed. Surround them with books and stories they love.

Reading teaches empathy, and can open children up to new worlds and opportunities.


“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”  Jim Rohn


17. A Special Space Just For Them

Does your child love to do art projects? Read? Listen to music? Imagine their excitement if you were to create a special space just for them to do the thing they love!

The area you create doesn’t have to be large. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest for building little reading nooks, craft spaces, etc.

It’s something your child will never forget.


18. One-On-One Time

Mommy/daddy dates are some of the memories kids will treasure.

Children value one-on-one time with a parent whether they have multiple siblings or are an only child. It’s the attention that makes them feel special.

So be sure to carve out some individual time for each child.


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19. Resilience

A person’s ability to cope with stress and adversity is learned during childhood.

Teach your kids that mistakes are okay. That the most important thing is to keep learning and moving forward.

By doing this you’re promoting your child’s ability to bounce back from adversity, a skill that will serve them well in adulthood.


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20. Hope

Research has also found that optimists live longer and healthier lives than those who are pessimistic.

Teach your child how to look on the bright side. How to be grateful for the things they do have, instead of fixating on the things they don’t.

This sets them up for greater happiness in life.


21. Family Meals

This is something kids will always remember; coming together as a family and breaking bread.

Family meals are a time to catch up on each other’s lives. A time to share the good and bad that happened during the day and really connect with one another.

One of the parenting tips we give most often is to make time for family meals.


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22. Feeling Capable

Let kids know they can take on new challenges that come their way by giving them responsibilities at home.

Chores are a great way to help kids feel capable and helpful. Be sure the tasks are age-appropriate and increase in complexity as your child grows.

They’ll learn they have something to offer the family (and society at large), and they can continue to contribute in new ways.


23. A Good Relationship Model

Your relationship with your partner becomes a blueprint for your child’s future romantic relationships.

Seeing happy couples gives kids a sense of security and predictability.

Sure, your kids may groan when they see you kiss in the hallway, but the affection shows them how to have their own healthy relationships down the road.


24. Stress Management

Your child learns to cope with challenges and disappointments by watching how you do it.

Dealing with pressure or anger in a productive way provides a model for your kids to follow and also creates a home environment that seems stable, predictable, and safe.

In other words, if you stress less so will your kids. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving.


25. Presence

One of the most important gifts a parent can give a child is his or her presence, which is why we choose this gift to end our list of parenting tips.

The world is full of distractions. It is so easy for people to feel isolated and unseen.

When you’re present with your children, you show them a different path. Your child feels “seen” and loved.  

They learn what real connection and communication looks like and it helps them learn how to focus and be present in their own lives.


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