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Life Hacks Collection 10:


#66 – 5 helpful strategies you can teach kids to help them calm down when they’re upset.

life hacks



#65 – Find better sources! Use scholar Google for research.

life hacks



#64 – Take your next workout outdoors to boost your mental health!

life hacks




Collection 9:


#63 – How to measure sticky ingredients without getting them all stuck in the cup!

life hacks



#62 – Try the $5 saving plan to sock away some extra cash!

life hacks



#61 – Help someone else and in the process, feel better yourself. 

life hacks



#60 – How to pick up little pieces of glass without getting them caught in your hand or foot.

life hacks



#59 – How to keep your child’s clothes on if they have a propensity for stripping naked. 🙂 

life hacks



#58 – Practice lifelong learning by taking a MOOC (massive open online courses). There are a ton of topics to choose from!

life hacks



#57 – A natural home remedy for diaper rash!

life hacks




Collection 8:


#56 – Clever life hacks cooks need to know….the trick to identify if an egg is good or not!

life hacks



#55 – The packing hack every traveler needs to know!

life hacks



#54 – How the makeup pros apply concealer…now you know the trick too!

life hacks


#53 – Try this easy hack to get your microwave clean fast!

life hacks



#52 – Five positive things you can say to your child to make them feel confident and loved. 

life hacks



#51 – A tech hacks for signing digital docs on your Mac!

life hacks



#50 – A fitness hack to help you workout more consistently. Share your goals!

life hacks




Life Hacks Collection 7:


#49 – The trick to making bananas last longer!

life hacks



#48 – A savings hack for when you pay-off your car.

life hacks




#47 – A little trick to make your candles burn longer!

life hacks



#46 – Stove looking a little worse for wear? Here’s the cure for baked-on oven stains.

life hacks



#45 – Positive parenting alternate language tips.

life hacks



#44 – Remember more of what you read. The color coding study hack!

life hacks



#43 – Tea has all kinds of healing properties! Find the right tea for what ails you.

life hacks





Life Hacks Collection 6:


#42 – A lunch your kids will actually want to eat. Keep chicken nuggets warm all day with this trick!

food hacks



#41 – Try this travel hack to save money on plane tickets.

travel hacks




#40 – Relax and get softer skin with this self care ritual.

self care hacks



#39 – The cleaning hack that removes underarm sweat stains.

cleaning hacks



#38 – Ask your kids questions without blame with these 5 parenting hacks!

parenting hacks



#37 – Improve the kids homework habits with these five tips.

tech hacks



#36 – Prevent sore muscles with this fitness hack!

life hacks



Life Hacks Collection 5:


#35 – get those pesky egg shells out of your bowl with this trick!

life hacks



#34 – Keep shoes from getting your clothes dirty with this packing hack!

life hacks



#33 – Stressed out? Try this easy and fun stress-busting activity!

life hacks



#32 – Stop washing so many darn cups with this clever life hack!

life hacks



#31 – Parenting hack! Three easy tips for better kid behavior.

life hacks



#30 – Music that won’t distract you while studying!

life hacks



#29 – Get a work-out buddy and get better results.

life hacks




Life Hacks Collection 4:


#28 – Try the small plate trick to eat less.

life hacks



#27 – Save money on your next car rental.

life hacks




#26 – Make-up removal hack!

lie hacks



#25 – The trick to making your garbage disposal smell fresh.

life hacks



#24 – Five easy ways to bond with your kids. 🙂

life hacks



#23 – Try this cool memory trick before your next exam.

life hacks



#22 – Improve mood and focus…set a stretch break reminder!

parenting hacks




Life Hacks Collection 3:


#21 – Wanna make a healthy breakfast fast? Try this ingenious time saver!

life hacks



#20 – Go incognito to save money on travel.

life hacks



#19 – Want to look less tired? Try this easy eye brightening trick!

life hacks



#18 – The fix for a shrunken sweater!

life hacks



#17 – Create a special keepsake your kids’ will treasure when they get older.

life hacks



#16 Tech Hacks: 

Worried about your radiation exposure?

Your cell phone sends out more RF energy when the signal is weak because it has to work harder to connect with a tower.

To reduce your exposure, avoid talking on your cell when you have only one or two bars left.




#15 Fitness Hacks:

Trying to lose stubborn belly fat?

Hit the weight room!

Research shows that strength training is more effective at helping people lose belly fat than cardio.




Life Hacks Collection 2:


#14 Food Hacks:

Want to keep your kids lunch cold at school?

Freeze Capri Sun or other juice drinks to use as icepacks in their lunchbox!

This takes up less space then adding blue ice, and it makes their lunchbox lighter to carry.

The drink will thaw by lunchtime but still be cool, helping keep food fresh.


#13 Travel Hacks:

Bring peppermint essential oil with you on your next flight.

It’s great for nausea, freshens your breath, and helps with airplane odors.

You can also put a few drops into a napkin and breath it in to clear your sinuses.


#12 Self Care Hacks:

Do you love the smell of Pottery Barn?

Grab some lemon juice, vanilla extract, and rosemary…then throw them in a crockpot. Add a little water, turn it on low and wait for the magic.

Your entire home will smell lovely, but not overpowering.


#11 Cleaning Hacks:

Is your furniture covered in toddler Crumbs?

Use a lint roller for dusting!

These bad boys will pick up cracker crumbs, pet hairs, and all kinds of little bits from couches, lampshades, chair cushions…you name it!


#10 Parenting Hacks:

7 things you can say instead of “No!”

1. That doesn’t work for me.

2. Tell me more

3. I can help you.

4. Let’s try something different.

5. Let’s think about this.

6. Here’s another way you can try.

7. I want to hear your idea.


#9 Tech Hacks:

Want to know if that Duracell you grabbed out of the drawer is any good?

You can easily test a battery by dropping it a few inches from the ground.

A fully charged battery bounces very little, whereas a dead battery will bounce around a lot. 


#8 Fitness Hacks:

Short on time but want to burn some serious calories?

Try jumping rope!

It’s one of the most efficient exercises. You can burn over 200 calories in just 10-15 minutes. 

The perfect workout for a busy mom. This is a life hack worth trying.




Collection 1:


#7 Food Hacks:

Looking for a naturally sweet snack for kids?

Dry strawberries in the oven!

Place them on a cookie sheet and bake for 3 hours at 210 degrees. It tastes just like candy, but it’s healthy and natural.

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#6 Travel Hacks:

Hate the outrageous price of bottled water at the airport?

Pack an EMPTY water bottle in your carryon bag!

You can’t take liquids through security, but your can fill the bottle up from a drinking fountain once you’re on the other side.

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#5 Self Care Hacks:

Want your home to smell delicious?

Place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans.

The warmth of the candles will heat up the coffee beans and make your house smell like french vanilla coffee.

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#4 Cleaning Hacks:

Trouble with your little one wetting the bed while potty training?

Here’s how you can easily remove pee stains from a mattress without chemicals.

Add the following ingredients to a spray bottle:

  • 8 oz. hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 drop natural dishwashing liquid
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil (optional)

Mix, but don’t shake too hard! Spray on your mattress and watch the stains magically disappear.

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#3 ParentingHacks:

Looking for some positive parenting phrases to say instead of “Stop Crying!”?

Here’s 7 alternatives you can try:

  1. It’s okay to be sad.
  2. I’m here with you.
  3. I’ll help you work it out.
  4. I hear you.
  5. It doesn’t feel fair.
  6. That was really scary.
  7. Tell me all about it.

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#2 Education Hacks:

Want to improve your child’s spelling and verbal skills without them even realizing it?

Turn on subtitles when they’re watching T.V.!

As the same words get repeated, their brains will pick up on the letters and start to make the association.

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#1 Health Hacks:

Wondering what to do with that nasty, germy sponge?

Zap it in the microwave for 2 minutes!

This will kill 99% of the bacteria in the sponge so you can continue using it.

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