Moms have an ever expanding network of friends and family they can look to for help with parenting dilemmas. The trouble is you can sometimes get TOO much input, and it just becomes overwhelming.

That’s why we reached out to our community and asked “what was the best parenting advice you ever received?”

We wanted other moms to share their best tips and tricks so we could weed through the responses, look for commonalities, and share just the gems with you. No information overload here.

And our moms did not disappoint!

They came back with some wonderful bits of parenting wisdom that anyone can use. “Stop trying to be perfect” might be our personal favorite.

These are the little nuggets seasoned moms have been sharing for generations.

Read on for more real-world best parenting advice you can actually use.


Best Parenting Advice


1. Connect & Listen

Kids need to feel connection. Human beings are tribal creatures, we thrive on strong social bonds.


“The best parenting advice I ever got was that kids will listen to you when they feel like you’ve listened to them.” -Cheryl M.


Also, when talking to your kids, say the words “I understand” to show them you’re paying attention and connecting.

Everyone needs to feel seen and heard. Kids are no exception.

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2. Ditch “Perfect”

Several moms came back with different versions of the same piece of advice, don’t aim for perfection.

You’ll kill yourself trying, and the truth is, kids don’t need perfect parents. Consider yourself a success if you get it right 75% of the time.


“There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one.” – Sue Atkins


What kids really need are loving parents that care.

Do that, and you’re doing great! Even if life gets a little messy sometimes.

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3. Be A Role Model

If you don’t like how you’re kids are behaving, you might want to turn a spotlight on yourself and see if they’re picking up any bad habits from you.

Good parenting means being a positive role model.

If you want your kids to be honest, kind, and grateful…be sure they see you doing those things on a regular basis.

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If you want your kids to do their homework, do yours at the same time (things like scheduling, paying bills, planning an event, etc.).


4. Let Them Be Bored

Kids have lots of interests, but they don’t need to pursue ALL of them.

Here’s some of the best parenting advice you might not hear every day; trim back your kids’ schedules so they don’t get too stressed out.

Do this they’ll have extra time to spend on things like family dinners, reading, and play.  As one mom wisely said “it’s okay for your kids to be bored!”

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Kids don’t need to have activities lined up every hour. Boredom is an essential part of childhood development.

It teaches kids to manage their own time, use their imaginations and come up with things from scratch.

Don’t knock a little down time!


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5. Take On Challenges

A top parenting tip we hear from teachers? Encourage your kids to try new things, even if they seem difficult and scary at first.

It’s natural to be afraid when something seems hard, but by teaching your kids to push through their initial fear and try anyways, you’re teaching them grit.

This is a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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If they make a mistake trying something? That’s okay! 

Practice positive parenting by reframing mistakes as a necessary teaching tool everybody experiences on their path to success.

Show your kids how to learn from what went wrong and move on.


6. Support Activities

Some kids are really involved in sports or the arts. If yours is one of them, it’s important that you’re there cheering them on!

If you can’t make it to a game or performance (which happens), go to practice or get involved in other ways.

Be interested! Ask questions… “How’s your team shaping up?”  “What do you think you did well in dance or music class today?” 

It’s not enough to just drop them off at the field or rehearsal, kids want to feel like you’re paying attention.

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7. The 80-20 Rule Of Eating

Another bit of our best parenting advice? Understanding that there isn’t one “perfect” diet for kids.

If you expect your kids to eat healthy, organic, plant-based food all of the time, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and a lot of mom guilt.

Follow the same basic 80-20 rule for your kids that many nutritionists suggest for adults. If the kids eat relatively healthy 80% of the time, consider that a win!

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A little mac and cheese or birthday cake for the other 20% isn’t going to hurt anyone.

It’s more important that your kids are cared for and fed. And that you’re happy and sane.


8. Pick Your Battles

Our final item on the best parenting advice list – not everything is worth worrying about, particularly a child’s personal style.

Clothing is one of the first ways kids express their individuality.

o take a deep breath and let them wear the weird pattern combo, or different color shoes, or funky t-shirts…It’s just not worth it.

Your kids will appreciate being able to make some decisions about how they present themselves to the world, even if it doesn’t match.


When it comes to parenting skills, there is no one-size fits all approach. Good parenting looks different for different kids.

The common theme in all our best parenting advice? Be involved, show your kids that you care, and don’t expect perfection.

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