Author: Andrea Beaty

Age: 4 – 7 Years Old

Category: Grit, STEM, Feminism


Rosie Revere, Engineer

In Rosie Revere, Engineer our protagonist is a young girl who’s quiet by day, but at night invents gadgets and dreams of becoming a great engineer.

After being laughed at for one of her inventions, she might give up. But then she finds a mentor in her great-great aunt who encourages her imaginative thinking.

Rosie builds her aunt a contraption that doesn’t work out quite like she hoped. Her aunt, however, thinks it’s a great success! She teaches Rosie that you only truly fail if you quit trying.


Why We Like It:

That’s why we love Rosie Revere, Engineer, it teaches kids the importance of grit, and how failure is a part of learning.

We especially like this book for girls because it encourages participation in STEM activities. There aren’t a lot of female protagonists in stories that are doing science, math or engineering.

It’s important for girls to have these types of characters to relate to.

Plus Rosie’s mentor is an iconic woman, which shows girls there are other women scientists and engineers out there that they can look up to.

That’s not to say that this is a “girl’s only” book. Young boys will also benefit from the lesson it teaches about not giving up.

Plus we think it’s good for boys to hear stories about girls doing things like engineering to help destroy the myth that this is a “boys’ only” field.

The message about perseverance is a good one for all genders.

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