Looking to grow your business with Pinterest? Wondering how to launch a Pinterest marketing campaign to attract new customers? We can help!

Sure you’ve got an account, and maybe a couple of boards with pins them…but are they really doing anything to drive traffic to your site? Or entice people to buy your product?

Or maybe you don’t have a Pinterest profile yet, and you’re not sure if figuring out how yet another platform is worth the hassle.

We get your frustration. Pinterest has a steep learning curve, it can be difficult to tackle. Particularly if you’re busy trying to run a business!

Not everyone has the time to invest in learning how to use the platform and make it work for them.

Pinterest is NOT a social media channel. And while it’s a powerful tool, the strategies you use on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter won’t fly on Pinterest.

But the truth of the matter is, if you have a business…you NEED a Pinterest presence! Pinterest is where people come to search for ideas and products to bring those ideas to life. 2 billion idea searches a month to be exact.

And 93% of Pinterest users come to the platform to plan purchases. If your business isn’t represented during their shopping journey, you are MISSING OUT on prime sales opportunities. 


Pinterest Marketing That Works


Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

Pinterest functions more like a search engine than a social media channel. 

Imagine being on the first page of Google and how much that would benefit your business.

Being on the first page of Pinterest search is just as important.  AND if you rank on Pinterest, it can also help you rank on Google and increase your Google search authority.


If you want to develop evergreen, organic traffic on a platform that will continue to work for you over time… you have got to prioritize Pinterest!


Pinterest is still a largely an untapped market. Your competition is just starting to incorporate Pinterest-first strategies. Beat them to it!

97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded. Translation? You have a unique opportunity to win consumers at a crucial stage of their purchasing journey – ahead of your competition.  

Want to know more?  Why Businesses Need Pinterest


Why Work With Us

We’ve spent thousands of hours learning how to use the Pinterest platform, developing effective pin strategies, and A/B testing to improve performance and get better results.

Let us put the hard-won skills and strategies we’ve developed to work for you!

Our goal is to bring you as many monthly views as possible and drive more traffic to your site. Sound good?

We mange our own Pinterest business account, and have been wildly successful in our marketing efforts. 

Want To Learn More About Our Pinterest Success?  Why Hire Us?


Ready to start getting more views and traffic to your site?  Here’s all the ways we can help!


Pinterest Business Account Set Up

If you’re ready to start attracting new customers and getting more traffic to your site, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting your account set-up correctly is the most important step for achieving success for your business on Pinterest.



Pinterest Consultation Call

If you already have a Pinterest business account, find out how to optimize that account to improve results!

Unsure of where to go? This is a good place to start.



Pinterest Account Audit And Clean-Up

Maybe you’ve had a Pinterest account for awhile, but it’s not performing the way you’d hope it would. Let us get you back on track! 

A Pinterest account review, clean-up, and refresh can improve your brand’s search ranking to help you reach new customers and increase traffic.



Pinterest Monthly Account Management

Pinterest rewards brands that pin consistently and often. And we mean DAILY, with high-quality optimized pins posted at strategic intervals. 

Don’t have time to run your business AND strategize, plan, and execute a daily pin schedule? Let us handle it for you!



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