Need a little Pinterest guidance to get you from where you are to where you want to be? A 45-minute Pinterest consultation call with an expert can help!


Pinterest Consultation Call:

  • A 45 minute one-on-one call with a Pinterest expert skilled at marketing, SEO, pin design, and more.
  • Send an initial email to us sharing your current Pinterest struggles and goals and ask us your 3 most vexing Pinterest questions.
  • Grant us temporary access to look behind the scenes of your Pinterest account and analytics so we can get a feel for what’s really happening.
  • On the call we’ll discuss the answers to your 3 questions.
  • In addition, we’ll do a high level overview of your current Pinterest account and provide you some customized suggestions for traffic, SEO, content, design, sales, and more.
  • Plus, clients who complete a Pinterest consultation call are eligible for $40 off a Pinterest account audit and clean-up or monthly account management package within 6 months.

Set up a Pinterest consultation call with us. Get actionable advice you can put to work for your business today!


*Please note that during this process Go Beenke will not be coaching anyone on your team as to how we’ve set-up your Pinterest business account nor will we reveal trade secrets or proprietary marketing strategies.