Author: Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy

Age: 4 – 10 Years Old

Category: Bullying

Why We Like It: This book is written by teachers, who clearly understand playground dynamics and behaviors. The message for kids is that when it comes to bullying, you are not alone and you can do something. The story is centered on a new student named Pete who is using bullying behavior the first day of school. The other students observe this, and instead of being bystanders, they intervene with kindness and assertiveness.

Two things make this book cool; first off the kids themselves are empowered. “The Promise”, a pledge to stand up to bad behavior, gives them the framework to solve their OWN bully problem. Secondly, while the kids stand up to the new guy Pete, they do it with kindness and don’t label him as an outcast for the rest of the school year. The story illustrates how treating people fairly applies to the bully as well and it reminds kids that stooping to the level of bully won’t solve their problems. These are powerful and timely lessons for children to learn.

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