Do you start out the school year with the best lunch box intentions; “My kid is only going to eat healthy, homemade lunches chock-full of goodness!”

But then, just a few weeks later, you find yourself stuck in a rut… reaching for the same tired old sandwich again?  

We get it! It’s hard to stay inspired with a repetitive task like lunch-making. And that’s where we come in.

We’ve put together an awesome list of easy lunch box ideas for kids you can stick right on your fridge.

Use these lunch ideas for kids on those busy days when you don’t feel very creative.

Instead of seeing lunch as a “chore”, capitalize on the repetitive nature of this daily task and automate your entire lunch making operation.

With our children’s lunchbox ideas list, smart lunch hacks, and menu plan – you’ll be mixing and matching kids lunch options like a pro, no sweat.

Your kid will never be bored with lunch again!

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Lunch Box Hacks

  • Make lunch the night before, not in the morning.
  • Shop weekly with a grocery list. Don’t try to wing it.
  • Keep your fridge stocked with grab n’ go lunch box options – like the items on our Easy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids list.
  • Go organic, whole grain, whole wheat, and Non-GMO whenever you can to up the health factor.
  • When choosing hotdogs, look for all-beef that are uncured (meaning they aren’t treated with nitrates and nitrites). If you can find grass-fed beef, even better.
  • Use good quality lunch meats, which means grass-fed and/or certified organic. Avoid sodium nitrate and nitrite, BHA, BHT, smoke flavors, and corn syrup.
  • Leftovers are your friend!  They make great food ideas for kids.
  • Mix and match a protein, carb, snack, drink, and vegetable or fruit to make a balanced healthy meal.
  • Choose a bento-style lunchbox with compartments. It makes it super easy to include each of the components of any meal listed.
  • Keep food cold with an insulated lunch bag that has space for blue ice.
  • Don’t let your sandwiches get soggy, especially if you make them the night before. Put the mayo/mustard in between the meat and cheese, not directly on the bread.
  • And think beyond sandwiches! Bread gets boring after a while. You can do wraps, burritos, tacos, pitas, bagels, or whole grain crackers with meat/cheese. Use our easy lunch box ideas for kids to get creative!


Easy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

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Meal Planner

Wanna know the best part about the easy lunchbox ideas for kids list? All you have to do to make a balanced, healthy lunch in a jiffy is mix, match and go!

Grab a protein and a carb. Decide if it needs condiments or a spread to make it tasty. Then grab something from the fruit/vegetable list, a snack, a drink….and BOOM!  Lunch is served!

Here are some easy to make lunch ideas to get you started….


Wheat Tortilla + Cheese + Leftover Chicken + Mild Salsa (melt)  = Quesadilla

**Add grapes, almonds and a drink.


Pita + Hummus + Chicken + Lettuce + Cucumber Slices + Sliced Tomato = Greek Chicken Pita Sandwich.

**Add baby carrots, string cheese and a drink.


Hard Boiled Egg + Cubed Cheese + Turkey + Whole Grain Crackers = Homemade Lunchable

**Add grape tomatoes, baby carrots, hummus and a drink.


Spinach Tortilla + Turkey + Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato + Ranch Dressing (roll up) = Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap

**Add strawberries, organic fig newtons and a drink.


English Muffin + Pizza Sauce + Cheese + Pepperoni + Mushroom (melt) = Mini-Pizza

**Add apple slices, goldfish crackers and a drink.


MIX, MATCH, and GO!!

Don’t get stuck in a lunchtime rut! Keep a copy of our Easy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids close at hand for whenever you need some inspiration.

You can kiss boring lunches goodbye.


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