Homeschooling is legal throughout the United States. Keep in mind though that each state is free to create its own legal structure for home education, so one state’s homeschooling laws can be very different from another’s.

Which State Law Should You Follow?

The law of the state in which you are physically present.

Why Is that? When you and your child are within a state, even temporarily, you are subject to that state’s laws, and, in many cases, to the jurisdiction of its courts. This is true even if your legal residency is in another state and you are only living where you are now temporarily. For example, when active members of the military are completing a temporary assignment. If you move, for no matter how long, you could be required to comply with the home education law of the state in which you are temporarily located.

Here is a summary of the homeschooling laws in each state and some additional state-specific resources that may help you. Select your state to see what rules and information are available to you.