What do we have for you today? We’ve got a mom who wants to encourage boys to express their feelings, five ways parents can save money, and a young boy that stood up to a bully and later became his friend.

A mom took to Facebook to post about an incident that occurred at her son’s basketball game. She talks about the pressure for boys to not act like a “baby” and suppress their emotions. This mom doesn’t agree with the “man-up” philosophy and explains why.

Kids are expensive! This mom found out the hard way when she experienced the (happy) surprise of becoming pregnant with her second during a time the family budget was tight. She shares her top tactics for saving money on necessities.

Another mom got the call we all dread, her son’s school saying he had punched another student. But the story doesn’t end there…turns out, the other student had been bullying her child for years. The punch incident turned the relationship around, and now the two boys are friends.