What’s trending today moms? Well, a mom confesses to having “mommy tantrums”, a daycare asked parents to get of their cell phones and the internet blew up about it, and a dad doesn’t understand why the kids always go to mom for help.

Tantrums…they’re not just for kids! This mom declares the “mommy tantrum” is very real, and you better watch out when it happens. Even the most collected mom can lose it, given the right circumstances.

A mom posted a sign at a child’s daycare asking parents to get off the phone when picking up their kids. Who knew it would go viral? The post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times! With parents weighing in on both sides of the debate.

Ever notice that when something needs to be fixed, healed, or cooked kids turn to mom instead of dad? Well this dad did, and he wants his kids to know that he can do stuff too. No, really!