It’s a new month and we’ve got three new stories you’ll definitely want to check out. We’ve got a mom’s viral Facebook post about sharing, another mom who explains how a pet chicken (yes you read that right) helped her autistic son, and a blogger who stopped spending money on toys so she can spend it on family experiences instead.

It’s something you hear told to children all the time, “be sure you share”. But should parents really force their kids to share their stuff with other kids? Particularly if those kids aren’t even friends? Alanya Kolberg posted about how she told her son he does NOT have to share, and the post went viral. She makes some pretty good points, check out her story here.

Kristin Jarvis Adams is mom to an autistic son. She shares the story of how a chicken named Frightful came into her son’s life and became his special friend. It’s amazing what insights this little chicken brings.

Finally, mom blogger Elizabeth Broadbent talks about an important decision her family made. They decided to stop spending so much money on “stuff” and spend it instead on fun family adventures. They’ve never looked back.