This week’s blog round-up is all about kids and entrepreneurship. Have you got a mini-mogul at home? Then you’re going to want to keep reading, because we’ve got some great tips for raising future entrepreneurs.

Founders come from all different backgrounds but they share one common trait… they know how identify the right problem to solve. Being able to cut through the chaos and focus on the most important issue is a key skill in business and life. Entrepreneur Magazine shares some ways that parents can help their kids develop crucial problem-solving skills.

And what if you need a little help along the way to entrepreneur greatness? Kidpreneurs Blog has some solid ideas for how to find business mentors that can take your business game to the next level.

Finally, an entrepreneur shares how her parents helped her develop, and how you can fuel the entrepreneurial mindset in your child. She shares the values that she was taught as a kid and the benefit those values have on entrepreneurship.