This week’s best of blogs is dedicated to that other special member of your family, the furry four-legged one. Today it’s all about dogs! And we have some cool things to share including; how to introduce your pet to a new baby, fun ideas for the “dog-days” of summer, and some effective at-home treatments for doggie allergies.

First up, you want to be sure your fur baby gets along with your new baby, and That Pet Blog can help. They’ve  got some great tips for safely introducing Fido to baby. Before you know it, they’ll be best friends.

You want your dogs to have quality outdoor playtime, but the summer heat can make it tough. Here are some fun ideas for activities you can do with your furry-friend in warmer weather.

Finally, it’s not just people that suffer from summer allergies…dogs do too! Do you know what symptoms to look for? This article gives you the signs to watch out for and some at-home treatments that can provide relief for your pet. The dog-days of summer just got a little easier