At Beenke, we know that every birth story is different. Your experience will be as unique and amazing as your child is…and we love that! But we also know that when you’re pregnant, you can’t help but ask your mom friends to share their birth stories with you because it helps to know what you might expect.  

That’s our roundabout way of saying we’ve got a soft spot for a good birth story.  So if we come across one in a mom blog or interview, we like to share it with the entire Beenke community as a way to celebrate the many unique ways babies come into this world.

That being said, we came across Adriana’s birth story on one of our favorite food and mom blogs, Oh She Glows. The blog was started by Angela Liddon as a way to express her creativity and help her recover from an eating disorder.

Angela chronicled her shift to healthy, plant-based eating and shares 500 of her tested recipes in her Oh She Glows cookbookWhen she found out she was expecting, she also began chronicling her pregnancy which lead to her posting her birth experience.  

We enjoyed Angela’s story because it is honest and real, and because it highlights how a doula (and a hot-tub) helped her during the labor process. Two options worth considering! So without further ado, here’s Angela’s story of the birth of her daughter Adriana….enjoy!