It’s one thing to actively seek out a little parenting advice. After all, that’s one of the core reasons we built Beenke, to give parents an online resource they can access to find the answers they’re looking for. But it is QUITE another when someone decides to offer their opinion on your parenting skills, without you asking. Yet it happens all the time, right?

A relative pulls you aside to let you know how they would’ve handled a particular situation with their child. A stranger decides to tell you how your child should behave in public (without any context). Your mother-in-law launches into a potty training monologue with “if you want my advice…”. Well, frankly, we don’t!

And Charlie, who writes for the How To Be A Dad blog, doesn’t either.

Charlie shares a personal story about the all-too-common unrequested parenting critique and we can totally relate. Perhaps it’s time we stop judging other parents so harshly and focus more on raising our own kids? Charlie thinks so, and you can read the frustrating yet funny story of his experience here.