Age: 4 Years and up

Skills: Creativity, Fine Motor Skills.

Why We Like It: This conveniently packaged set of wood stringing beads comes with over 200 vibrant wooden shape and letter beads, along with eight long, brightly colored cords that are thick enough for children to use in stringing beads independently. This makes a great gift for kids learning to develop motor skills and creativity.

You can make necklaces, bracelets, even collars for pets! The alphabet beads also tie into letter learning. This product tends to rate higher with girls, but a few of our boy testers liked it too. Your child can make their own creative, personalized gifts for family and friends which we’ve noticed gives them a sense of pride in having put the piece together by themselves.

What You Should Know: All beads are painted with child-safe paint. This kit contains small parts, and is therefore a choking hazard for any children under the age of 3. The only complaint we heard is that there might not be enough cords included to string all the beads. You may want to buy a couple of extra cords from a craft store if your child runs low. You wouldn’t want the beading fun to end just because you run out of rope. Pick up some wood stringing beads for your aspiring jewelry maker today.

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