Pinterest can be a game changer for your business, but it’s not easy and it’s definitely time consuming when done the right way.

We spent many years learning how to use the platform, developing effective strategies, and A/B testing to improve performance and get better results.

We’re not just media consultants, we also own and operate Beenke, the fastest growing parenting brand on Pinterest. The proof is in the pudding, Beenke receives a higher number of views than most major brands and publishing companies.

Let us put the experience, skills, and strategies we’ve developed to work for your business!


Pinterest Strategies That Work!

We’re Pinterest experts. And you don’t have to take our word for it, just check out Beenke’s profile page.

We launched Beenke’s Pinterest account a little over a year ago and we receive between 4.5 and 6.5 million views MONTHLY…and it’s all organic traffic! We’ve spent zero dollars on advertising.


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Our goal is to use our proven strategies and tactics to get you as many monthly views as possible and drive more traffic to your site. Sound good?

One of the great things about Pinterest is that it’s not a popularity contest. You don’t need to be a celebrity with thousands of followers to be seen.

So don’t get too hung up on your follower count. We were able to get MILLIONS of views our first month on Pinterest with a very small following.

When we set up your account the right way; with attractive on-topic boards that complement your brand, highly optimized pins, and a little creative pizazz to make you stand out from the crowd…your content WILL get found.

Leverage our secret sauce. What you need is an effective strategy for your business and content that people want to engage with. Soon Pinterest will recognize you as an authority which will increase your ranking and get you even more views!


Let Us Help Your Business:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase traffic
  • Grow sales
  • Rank high on Pinterest and Google
  • Engage your target audience
  • Produce quality images and content your customers will love!

Still not convinced? Check out what we were able to do with our own account in just over a year.


We’ve Gone Viral

Many pieces of content we’ve created have gone viral. As an example, one of our pins “55 Positive Things To Say To Your Child” has literally been viewed and re-pinned MILLIONS of times.

You can’t do a positive parenting search on Pinterest without running into this pin, which drives a lot of traffic back to our website.


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Our Boards Rank High

Our consistent focus on SEO has made our boards rank high in Pinterest search results.

In fact, many of our boards are the #1 search result for our keyword!


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Original Branded Content

We created an original branded content series called “Mom Shortcuts” which has proved to be extremely popular on Pinterest. You can’t navigate the platform without running into our branded mom hacks, many of these pins have gone viral.

In fact, if you search Pinterest boards for “mom shortcuts” you’ll pull up a number of boards belonging to other pinners that are FULL of Beenke’s shortcuts!

This series has been an unmitigated success, and another way we get a lot of views and traffic to our site.


Diverse Topics

Beenke is primarily a parenting site, but we have Pinterest boards covering an entire range of categories; food, beauty, travel, money, activities, entrepreneurship, home decor, holidays, cleaning, organizing, and more!

We’ve been able to translate our successful SEO strategies across a wide range of topics, which means whatever type of product or service your business offers… we can find the right keywords and tactics to help you rank for them.


More Reasons To Outsource Pinterest Marketing:

We focus solely on Pinterest marketing, so you can focus on your core business (which is where you’d rather spend your time anyways).

Pinterest rewards consistent, strategic pinning of optimized content. We are on the platform everyday, 7 days a week. Pinterest isn’t an extra task you can assign to an already busy staff member… pins need to be nurtured and monitored daily to get optimal results.

Plus the Pinterest platform changes frequently. We stay up to date on the latest algorithm, techniques, and trends that drive traffic, so you don’t have to.

Finally, you don’t want to fall behind your competition! And that’s what will happen if you are slow, inconsistent, or using ineffective or outdated Pinterest marketing methods.


Ready to start getting more views and traffic to your site?  Here’s all the ways we can help!

  • Pinterest Account Set-Up
  • Account Audit & Clean-Up
  • Account Audit & Strategy
  • Monthly Account Management