Age: 6 mos. – 2 Years Old

Skills Learned: Sorting, Matching, Shapes, Colors

Why We Like It: Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs are a classic toy for the infant to toddler stage. You open the little egg carton and there are six different eggs with colorful chicks inside. If you press down on the chicks heads, you can hear them chirp! The eggs are the perfect size for little hands to grip easily.

This is a fun way to teach sorting, matching, color recognition, shapes, and more. The eggs all have a different shape on the bottom which corresponds with their place in the carton-like puzzle (teaching kids shapes in the process). All the eggs are brightly colored and each egg has a matching top half (teaching matching skills). It also helps little ones develop their hand-eye coordination when they put the pieces back together.

What You Should Know: If you read the part about the eggs chirping, don’t worry. It’s a subtle little “cheep” that isn’t obnoxious and won’t drive you nuts. The eggs and carton are made from a sturdy plastic that won’t break. For some reason, kids are fascinated with eggs, so why not go with it? This toy encourages hours of imaginative play.

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