Category: Urban, Height Adjustable, High-end

Weight: 27 lbs

Folded Size: 16.8″H x 39.6″L x 22.8″W

Capacity: Birth up to 45 lbs

Car Seat Compatibility: You can replace the seat with a car seat by purchasing a Stokke car seat adapter (sold separately). See the Stokke manufacturer’s details for approved car seats.

Why We Like It: This is a luxury stroller that looks very sleek and stylish. The unique frame design with it’s height adjustable seat allows you to be closer to your baby, which promotes parent-child bonding. We really like being able to see eye-to-eye with our little one. The high sitting position has some other advantages as well, such as allowing your child to see over railings. In addition, you can forgo getting a high chair at a restaurant. Just roll your Stokke Xplory stroller right up to the table. That’s a nice convenience.

This stroller is very much adjustable.The stroller seat switches from rear-facing to forward-facing as your baby becomes a toddler. In addition, there is a two-position recline feature when the seat is rear facing, and a three-position recline when it is forward facing, allowing for added flexibility. The handlebar is adjustable too. You can set it parallel to the ground or rotate it either upward or downward, depending on your preference. Rotating it upward will offer another 3-4 inches of height for taller parents.

Cons: When we said luxury, we meant it. This stroller comes with a high price tag. Also, the Stokke doesn’t have the smoothest ride. This is more of an urban stroller, good for flat surfaces but not so much for going ‘off road’. It’s also not the fastest stroller to close (closing it it’s a multi-step process).

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a sleek, stylish urban stroller that allows you to adjust your baby to eye level, (or forward or rear-facing) and budget isn’t a concern, the Stokke Xplory is a cool pick.

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