Age: 3-8 Years Old

Skills Learned: Creativity, Experimentation, Fine Motor

Why We Like It: As the manufacturer says, “Squigz are fun little suckers!” This is very true. When you apply pressure to two squigz, air rushes out and you can stick them together (or stick them to any non-porous surface). This gives your kids a lot of play possibilities!

Squigz are flexible, bendable, stickable fun for bathtubs, windows, walls, tables, and more. Squigz are designed to create things… rockets, cars, jewelry, you name it. They encourage playful interaction and creativity. Squigz also help develop fine motor skills in your kids. Plus the popping sound they make when you disconnect them is kinda fun.

What You Should Know: Squigz are made out of a high quality silicone rubber that is BPA-free and latex free.They also don’t leave any weird sticky residue behind, so you won’t mind your kids sticking them all over the place. Squigz also provide a sense of relaxation and sensory stimulation. They come in eight different versatile shapes.

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