What It Is: The Solly Baby Wrap is designed for the first year of a child’s life or up to 25 pounds. Wrap wearers will get the most use out of the product for the first 9-12 months, so it was designed to fit ideally during that stage. The wrap is made from a soft, luxurious organic cotton that is lighter and slimmer than most other stretchy wraps, making wearing one comfortable even on hot days. The Wrap can fold into itself and tucks nicely into a little pouch on the end of the wrap. It is so small that you can easily keep one in your diaper bag. There is also a little, hidden pocket on one end of the wrap for a paci/binky (or even car keys) so you can keep them where you can reach them easily and they won’t get lost.

Why We Like It: The Solly Wrap keeps baby close and snuggly, helping you continue bonding with your newborn, while keeping your hands free to go about your daily life (or to hold the hand of an older child). This wrap is much more breathable than other brands we tried; it doesn’t make you hot just by wearing it. The wrap comes in many beautiful colors, and don’t be intimidated by the thought of mastering the tie up. There are great instructional videos available on the Solly Baby website showing you exactly how to tie the wrap to carry newborns and older babies. There’s also a video showing how to nurse (quite easily) wearing the wrap.

We also love that the wrap was created by Elle, a local entrepreneur and mom of three who still oversees production. She is committed to sourcing quality fabrics and supporting American factories in the manufacturing process. Elle says she has been “able to create a truly beautiful, functional, and safe product that I am proud to share with caregivers”. The Solly Baby Wrap also makes a lovely shower gift, if you have a friend or relative that is expecting.

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