If you’ve got a blog or website, or you’re a social media manager working for clients who do, you know that the name of the game is traffic. The more eyeballs you get on your page, the more revenue you can generate through advertising and sales.

One of the misconceptions about Pinterest is that it’s just a social network. It isn’t. Pinterest is more like a search engine, like Google. It’s a way for potential customers to find the content, products, and services they’re looking for. In other words, it’s a great way to drive eyeballs to your site.

What makes Pinterest even more powerful is that users come to the platform in a buying frame of mind. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter  -where people come to swap pics and stories, Pinterest users are looking for specific content to meet a need, or products that they want to buy.

An added bonus for bloggers, your content on Pinterest will continue to work for you LONG AFTER you’ve pinned it. Other pinners can pin and repin the same piece of content over and over again making it go viral, and giving your pin a long shelf life that keeps driving traffic to your blog.

You see what we’re getting at…for any successful blogger or web owner Pinterest is the PLACE TO BE. It can help you rank higher in Google, build brand awareness, bring you new users, and increase traffic and sales.

In an interview with Digital Inbound Marketing Blog, Anna Bennett, who was chosen by Pinterest as one of the top 15 Pinterest experts worldwide, says Tailwind is one of her “go-to digital marketing tools. We use Tailwind for scheduling all our pins.” 

The thing with Pinterest is, just like Google, in order to be seen you need to build domain authority for your brand. You need the right keywords, pin design, and most importantly you NEED to pin consistently and often.

This is where a lot of bloggers fall short. They’re not able to keep up with the daily pin volumes they need to build authority with Pinterest’s algorithm. It’s so easy to fall into a Pinterest hole of pinning and repining which takes you away from your primary mission, creating great content for your site.

That’s where a scheduling tool like Tailwind comes in. This software is a LIFESAVER. We use it every day at Beenke and have gotten great results!

In just a few short months we increased our average monthly Pinterest views from 5K to over 4.5 Million!

Yes, you read that right…it’s not a typo. And every month our views keep increasing along with our click through rate. Tailwind helps make this possible.

Why Tailwind Is So Powerful

The secret to cracking the Pinterest algorithm is to auto-pin your pins to as many group board as possible, as many times a day as possible. If you want to do this successfully, without losing your mind, getting a scheduling tool like Tailwind to do the work for you is the solution.

Many of the top grossing bloggers (we’re talking 6 figure income earners) use Tailwind to schedule their pins. Chelsea from the Beauty Is Cruelty Free blog, Christina Root from Organize Your Biz and Anna Bennett of White Glove Social Media are all vocal fans of the platform.

We saw a HUGE spike in traffic coming from Pinterest once we started using Tailwind to schedule our pins. Plus Tailwind comes with in-depth metrics so you can really analyze your top performing pins and use that data to drive your Pinterest strategy.

As if that weren’t enough, Tailwind is actually partnered with Pinterest so it’s widely believed that Pinterest’s algorithm favors content coming from Tailwind over other schedulers, ranking those pins higher in search results.

Let’s break out the benefits that Tailwind provides.


Top Benefits of Tailwind

Save Time: This is the number one reason we decided to use a scheduler, to save precious time. You can schedule our your pins days or even weeks in advance. You can also do multi-board pinning, bulk uploads, hashtag lists, and more.

Optimization: You can increase your pin reach by automatically optimizing your schedule based on when your audience is the most engaged.

Know What’s Working: You get analytics on your pins’ performance so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t. This way you can build off your successful pins. You can also see when someone pins from your website to know what content is working for you.

Instagram Integration: While Tailwind was originally built for Pinterest, you can now integrate your Instagram account into the platform as well. You get the time saving benefits of pre-scheduling Instagram posts, plus you get analytics on what posts are getting the most engagement.




Tribes To Help You Go Viral

We’ve found that one of the biggest benefits of Tailwind is their “tribes” feature. Seriously you guys, Tailwind tribes rock!

This is a feature where groups of people share each other’s pins, which in turn boosts each other’s Pinterest reach like crazy. Our most viral pins were shared through Pinterest tribes.

And the tribes are fee to join! You need to be invited, but if you’ve got good quality pins and content, this isn’t going to be an issue. Once you’re in you’ll start to see the magic of tribes first hand.

The additional exposure you get from sharing each other’s content in unreal. Plus, it gives you access to good quality content you can share with your own followers. We cannot say enough about how powerful the Tailwind tribes can be.

Get Tailwind today and watch your Pinterest traffic explode.

*This post contains affiliate links. Please be assured, we recommend this tool because it is something we use it in our own business. We would recommend it with or without a monetary incentive.*


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