Age: 2-7 Years Old

Skills Learned: Creativity, Imagination

Why We Like It: Kids have big imaginations and an innate talent for finding unusual uses for objects. That’s where the Moluk Bilibo comes in. It looks a little like a turtle shell (and can be used as such if your kiddos choose to). The Bilibo comes with no instructions. It’s designed to encourage open-ended play. Is it a chair? A spinner? A scoop? A bucket? The answer is yes! It’s whatever your kids’ imaginations make it to be.

The Bilibo was designed in conjunction with child development experts. You’ll be amazed at how creative kids can get with this thing. It is incredibly durable, and can withstand the assault of a rough and tumble toddler. Your child can play with it both indoors and out. Bilibo has two holes at the side which look like eyes and give the appearance of a smiling face on the shell (which kids love). The Bilibo helps develop balance, coordination, and motor skills. Intellectually, it stimulates creativity, imagination and role playing, which are all important elements of social development.

What You Should Know: The Bilibo is made of high density polyethylene which is shock-resistant, weather-proof, food safe, and completely recyclable. Bilibo is big enough that kids of different ages can sit in it comfortably. It is also PVC free, BPA free, Phthalate free and lead free. It comes in a variety of different colors (you may want to get more than one!)

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