Age: 2-4 Years Old

Skills Learned: Gross Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination

Why We Like It: First off, Monster Plush 6-Pin Bowling is super cute. The six soft and squishy monster pins are brightly colored, easy for little fingers to grab, and really fun. The squeezable monster ball has multiple textures to make it easy to grip too. Kids love playing with this set in a number of ways. Setting up the pins and knocking them down bowling style is fun. But so is playing imaginative games with each one of the monster pins. It’s kind of like getting two toys in one.

Monster bowling will get your kids up and moving. The game helps develop both gross and fine muscle skills, along with hand-eye coordination, concentration and dexterity. Your kids can even practice counting as they knock down and set up pins. Plus, knocking down pins is fun! And kids get excited when they succeed.

What You Should Know: The pins are shaped and have weighted bottoms, making them easy to set up and knock down. They come packaged very nicely in a durable, zippered carrying case that lets you take them with you on playdates. Also, the ball and pins are made of high quality materials that wipe clean so they can withstand the mess and high energy of your little ones. And if your kid throws one of the pins at someone it’s plush, so no one gets hurt (we speak from experience). This is a quality, fun toy all around.

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